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Title: Dark City
Release date: 1950
Genres: Crime; Drama; Film-Noir; Mystery; Romance
Actors: Charlton Heston, Lizabeth Scott, Viveca Lindfors, Dean Jagger, Don DeFore, Jack Webb, Ed Begley, Harry Morgan, Walter Sande, Mark Keuning, William Dieterle
Director: William Dieterle
Movie length: 98 min

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If you truly like checking up Romance films and wish to spend time with a wonderful action then Dark City will definitely make you impressed very much! Dark City action was produced in year 1950 and the nice playing of such good actors like Lizabeth Scott, William Dieterle makes it looking cool. You should just become a lucky witness of all great things that could be found in Dark City and you would realize that you haven’t ever examined something like that before. The length of the action is 98 m. We are sure that you would get delight from the unforgettable time you spent checking it. You found amazing film to see now. This is a awesome! If you haven’t seen this movie yet then you must watch it. Open your eyes to this awesome story. How do you think why Dark City from Romance niche got such low mark from us? Because it is the very average and there are not a lot of outstanding scenes to watch in it. But if you have got a lot of free time and looking forward to spend 98 m of it then this action of year 1950 is your chance to spend it in more pleasurable way. But we think, the acting of Lizabeth Scott in main role and famous Lizabeth Scott, William Dieterle in other roles is not convincing at all. Great acting, astonishing movie and remarkable filming. May deserve a sequel and even a remake with new tech. It’s impressive and has a very good produced style, with Lizabeth Scott performing in the movie. Lizabeth Scott, William Dieterle have done an excellent job acting in this film. Don’t wait. Begin watching this film right now. Bookmark Dark City movie… and share with friends.

Gamblers who “took” an out-of-town sucker in a crooked poker game feel shadowy vengeance closing in on them.

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